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Volcanoes & Wedding Insurance – Are You Covered?

The eruption of Bali’s Mt Agung has caused chaos for thousands of travellers over the past couple of months. Among those travellers are brides and grooms-to-be who’s wedding plans have been completely ruined due to the simple fact that they are unable to reach the venue… or even the country. We’ve all read the stories and felt terrible for couples like Simran and Anmol, who lost $70,000 after being unable to attend their wedding.

Dream Wedding Insurance, Australia and New Zealand’s leading wedding insurance provider, offers these tips to prevent couples from losing their entire wedding budget.

Cancellation due to severe weather

Coverage is available to couples that are unable to reach their wedding due to severe weather and natural disasters. This includes volcanoes, storms, hurricanes, floods etc. In this case, you will be reimbursed for all of your lost deposits and payments (including flights and wedding accommodation) up to the limit stated in your policy. Dream Wedding Insurance provides coverage up to $75,000.

When to buy cover

When should you buy wedding insurance? The simple answer to this is when your money is at risk! in other words, as soon as you’ve made a financial commitment towards your wedding. If you’ve booked your venue, put a deposit down, ordered your wedding dress or paid out for any wedding suppliers… this would be the time to get your wedding insurance in place.

Think of wedding insurance as your backup if things don’t go according to plan, i.e if a volcano erupts in the country that you were planning on hosting your dream wedding!

When is it too late?

You can buy a wedding insurance policy up to 12 months in advance and no sooner than 30 days before the big day. If a volcano has erupted and flights are already being cancelled, unfortunately, it’s too late. It’s important to get wedding insurance in place before an event happens that could stop your wedding from going ahead.

What about Mount Agung?

You can still buy a policy if you’re getting married in Bali. Your policy will of course not provide coverage for the current eruption (as it’s already happening), but you will still have coverage if it erupts again in the future and/or if another volcano, storm, hurricane or other severe weather activity stops you from getting to your venue.

In addition to cancellation due to severe weather, there are many other reasons to buy wedding insurance. Just ask this couple whose wedding planner in Bali ran off with all of their money! Fortunately they had wedding insurance.

When writing your wedding checklist, add wedding insurance to the list, it’s just as important as the wedding dress….well almost.


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