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Destination Wedding Back On Track Thanks To Dream Wedding Insurance

When Australian couple Josephine and Daniel sat down to start planning their dream wedding in Bali, they had no idea that in a few short months their wedding planner would disappear off the face of the earth with $17,000 of their wedding budget.

Josephine and Daniel had saved for over a year to ensure that they could have a beautiful wedding with their close friends and family in tropical Bali. They dreamed of white sandy beaches, towering palm trees and stunning wedding décor that would surely be a wedding setting that neither they, nor their wedding guests, could ever forget. But when their Bali based wedding planner stopped returning their calls, 6 months before their big day was set to take place, they feared the worst. It wasn’t until Daniel took it upon himself to travel to Bali to confront the wedding planner (who they had already paid) that their fears were realised. Daniel discovered that the venue, caterers and just about every supplier that was due to service their wedding had no idea who he was and had no bookings set for their wedding date.

Fortunately, shortly after paying their first deposit, Josephine had purchased a wedding insurance policy on, just in case anything went wrong… and it’s a good job she did! Josephine says “I read about wedding insurance whilst browsing wedding websites, we’d just paid our initial deposit and I figured it would be a good idea to protect ourselves if the worst were to happen, especially as there are so many unknown variables. I was mainly concerned about bad weather putting a stop to our wedding, I didn’t expect that our wedding planner would just take off with all of our money”.

As soon as they discovered that the $17,000 that they had paid the wedding planner was gone, and they had nothing to show for it, Josephine dug out the wedding insurance policy and Daniel contacted Dream Wedding Insurance. Daniel says, “Right from the beginning, Dream Wedding Insurance were so understanding and made me feel so much better about the situation. I was asked to describe exactly what had happened and to send my invoices and receipts to the claims team”.

After a few conversations, Dream Wedding Insurance confirmed that the couple would indeed be covered for their loss and less than two weeks later, the funds appeared in their bank account. Josephine says, “Purchasing wedding insurance was the best decision we made. Dream Wedding Insurance have been nothing but great and have helped us immensely through this difficult time”.

Whilst couples around the world have been insuring their weddings for many years, wedding insurance in Australia and New Zealand only became popular with the launch of Dream Wedding Insurance in 2015. From just $235, couples can protect their deposits and payments against cancellation, supplier failure, damaged hired equipment, personal/public liability and more.

Co-Founder of Dream Wedding Insurance, Stuart Catt says “this is a perfect example of why couples should protect their big day. Whether planning a wedding at home or overseas, you never know when disaster could strike. Many couples spend tens of thousands of dollars on their wedding, if you or an immediate family member suffer injury or illness, if adverse weather puts a stop to the event or if you face supplier issues like Josephine and Daniel, it’s imperative that you have a layer of protection against the unexpected.”

Josephine and Daniel have already started planning their Bali wedding… again. Any guesses on what their first purchase was? You guessed it, wedding insurance.

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