SGD Body & Beauty – Sarah

SGD Body & Beauty – Sarah
Shaira Mae Pabilan

SGD Body & Beauty

Sarah – Melbourne, Australia
SGD Body & Beauty

Tell us about SGD Body & Beauty

Would you like to become fitter, healthier, and have more glow in your skin? Would you love to look stunning for your wedding? Are you really busy, and don’t know how to fit in traveling to the gym, studio, or salon? SGD Body & Beauty is passionate about helping our clients become fitter, healthier, and looking and feeling great, in an achievable and affordable way. We run a mobile service offering beauty, makeup, spray tans, as well as wellness, nutrition, personal training/fitness, yoga, and meditation, to help you look and feel your best at a location that suits you.

What was the journey that brought you to what you do?

I originally wanted to be a Chiropractor or Physiotherapist.  I went on to complete the first year of a science degree, with the aim to head in this direction, and was fascinated by science, and how the human body works, so I went on to complete my Honours and Masters degrees and worked in pharmaceutical development at CSL.  I still have a fascination for science, and how science, particularly pathology, can impact human health, and still maintain an interest in this field. I was a makeup and beauty product junkie, inspired by my science background, and was always on the lookout for the latest products and techniques. This led to a number of friends asking me to help with their wedding makeup. I then pursued some beauty education and started SGD Body & Beauty. Working full-time in science, I saw the gap in the market and was inspired to offer mobile services instead of working in, or opening a salon or gym. Then seeing how your physical health affects your skin and hair, I saw another gap in the market for holistic health and beauty offerings, and expanded into wellness with yoga, meditation, and personal training, coaching clients to take care of their health inside and out.

What’s behind your success?

Personalized service and a holistic approach are what draw my customers in. My business offers a well-rounded service, focussing on all the elements that can contribute to you looking and feeling your best with your body, mind, and skin. This holistic approach I believe helps clients achieve better results.

What’s a mistake you’ve made that you’ll never make again?

Not following up with clients afterward, and not asking for feedback. I’ll also never skip an assessment, prior to working with a client, as it can help eliminate any reactions to products, and any adverse effects.

What do you love about working in the wedding industry?

I love working with clients at what is invariably one of the happiest times of their lives. I love being part of that joy, love, and celebration.

What are your predictions for the industry for the next few years?

I think couples are not going to take things for granted after the last few years. I’ve also seen people valuing the time spent with loved ones and making it a real celebration.

What’s the one secret about your field or industry you wish everyone knew?

Eye cream and a hydrated eye area can really help your makeup sit a lot better on your special day. As a makeup artist, I’m often asked to conceal under-eye circles. This is a job that is that much easier when you’ve had good skin care practices and have been using an eye cream.

What’s your main goal for the year ahead?

I’m looking forward to working with more bridal clients and expanding my business this year.