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Lance Halls
Shaira Mae Pabilan

Lance Halls

Lance Halls – Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Lance Halls

Tell us about Lance Halls

I am a professional Events DJ that specializes in Weddings, parties, and corporate functions on the Sunshine Coast. contact me online via my website.

What was the journey that brought you to what you do?

As a youth, I began hosting a radio show on community radio at the age of 12. This gave me confidence in public speaking and began expanding my musical knowledge. at the age of 20, I began working in commercial radio as an announcer, programmer, and personality. This helped me develop a broad understanding of demographics and catering to the music interests of the general public. I began working as an events DJ as a side gig at the age of 24 working with elite sounds entertainment performing weekends. At age 28 I transitioned out of radio into working as a part-time childcare assistant and part-time Events DJ. As demand grew for my DJ services I managed to exit the childcare industry and commit to being an events DJ provider exclusively.

What’s behind your success?

My unique social skills and musical knowledge. I offer a personalized approach to facilitating a unique and entertaining experience.

What’s a mistake you’ve made that you’ll never make again?

In the past, I have undervalued myself and overworked myself. Working for myself allows me to maintain a high level of quality and performance by taking care of my time management. I have made mistakes in the past offering my services at prices that have been unsustainable.

What do you love about working in the wedding industry?

I love being a part of the memories. I love being able to accent each moment through careful song selection. Solidifying long-lasting memories for years to come for many of my clients. Songs trigger memories, hopefully, the music I play triggers new and cherished memories for years to come following any of my events.

What are your predictions for the industry for the next few years?

I predict a very fruitful and prosperous next few years on the sunshine coast as people have always traveled far and wide to be wedded at many of our exquisite locations that will forever be within reach of new couples wishing to get married on the sunshine coast.

What’s the one secret about your field or industry you wish everyone knew?

The one secret about my industry that I wish everyone knew was how much song selection matters. Many people believe any playlist can be suitable, often opting for a streaming service to provide an automated option. Hiring an intuitive DJ with a great knowledge of music can make all the difference. I believe the soundscape of any wedding is almost more important than the décor.

What’s your main goal for the year ahead?

My main goal for the year ahead is to maintain a high level of consistency and attention to detail across all my clientele. Every wedding is a new opportunity and a new project, it’s never the same old job for me. My goal is to exceed my client’s expectations every time.